Accessible and Inclusive Geelong and the Leaders for Geelong program

In November 2019, the HOME Research Hub hosted a symposium for the Accessible and Inclusive Geelong (AIG) project. Around 100 attendees assembled to discuss the research to date, and crucially to begin to map out how the findings of the research could be used in implementation stages over time.

We are pleased to report that in conjunction with the processes coming out of the symposium, we can officially announce our partnership with the Committee for Geelong; specifically, AIG will be featured as a project within their Leaders for Geelong program in 2020.

Leaders for Geelong (LfG) is a two-year program that develops personal leadership capacity through a unique learning experience, designed to address the current social, economic, and environmental issues of importance to the Geelong city-region. Participants are challenged and inspired by renowned leaders and subject matter experts, undertake ‘behind the scenes’ tours, discuss case studies and participate in a range of other activities. Then, the second year sees participants working in teams on a community based project of regional significance.

We are confident that leveraging the expertise of local leaders in Geelong will ensure measured and systematic success with implementation on the path towards Geelong becoming a global exemplar of accessibility and inclusion.

See our project page for more information on AIG: Accessible and Inclusive Geelong Project

See the Committee for Geelong’s page for more information on Leaders for Geelong: Committee for Geelong

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