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Here is a list of the peer reviewed papers we have published that report on findings from our project work and the PhDs that we supervise across the team.

In press (accepted 2021)

Tucker, Andrews, Johnson, Palmer (in-press) “Architects’ professional perspectives on child- and family-friendly apartment design in Australia” for Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering [ARWU Recommended] [SCImago Q2] [C1]


Tucker, R; de Jong, U; Johnson, L; Johnston, N; Lee, A; Michaux, F; Warner, E & Andrews, FJ. (in-press) “Microvillage: assessing the viability of increasing supply of affordable, sustainable and socially integrated small homes”, in Housing Studies [ARWU Recommended] [SCImago Q1] [C1]

Memari, S; Kocaturk, T; Lozanovska, M; Andrews, F; & Tucker, R. (in-press) “The Interdisciplinary Conceptualisation of Future Proofing in the Context of Hospital Buildings”, in Building Research & Information ARWU Highly Recommended] [SCImago Q1] [C1]

Louise C. Johnson, Richard Tucker and Valerie Watchorn (2022) “Disabling the city: Planning for confinement and inclusion” in Alternative Planning History and Theory. Editor(s): Dorina Pojani. Routledge, (Tier 1 publisher in SEBE Research WAM). [B1.1]



Westrupp EM; Bennett C; Berkowitz T; Youssef GJ; Toumbourou JW.; Tucker R; Andrews F; Evans S; Teague SJ; Karantzas GC; Melvin GM; Olsson C; Macdonald JA; Greenwood CJ; Mikocka-Walus A; Hutchinson D; Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M; Stokes MA; Olive L; Wood AG; McGillivray JA; Sciberras, E (2021) “Child, parent, and family mental health and functioning in Australia during COVID-19: Comparison to pre-pandemic data” in European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 1-14 [ARWU Highly Recommended] [SCImago Q1] [C1]

Sal Moslehian, A; Kocaturk T & Tucker, R (2021) “”An Integral View of Innovation in Hospital Design: Understanding the Context of the R-P Gap“,” Building Research & Information, 49(3): 265-280 [C1] [ARWU Highly Recommended] [SCImago Q1]

Tucker, Kelly, Johnson, De Jong, Watchorn (2021) “Housing at the fulcrum: community perceptions of built environment obstacles to city scale accessibility and inclusion” for Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10901-021-09881-6 [ARWU Recommended] [SCImago Q1] [C1]

Tucker, Richard; De Jong, Ursula; Johnson, Louise; Johnston, Nicole; Lee, Adrian; Michaux, Fabienne; Warner, Elyse; Andrews, Fiona (2021) “Microvillage Geelong Project: Exploring the Viability of Affordable Compact Homes for People Seeking Sustainable and Socially Integrated Lives”, Research Reports for Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation; Geelong Community Foundation, 206 pages, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic.

Tucker, R; Mundell, M; Hitch, D; Andrews; F; Liang, J. Thornton, L., Bower, I., & Moslehian, A. (2021) “Strategies for Alleviating Locational Disadvantage in Geelong”, Research Reports for City of Greater Geelong, 310 pages, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic.

Sal Moslehian, A; Tucker, R; Andrews, F. (2020) “Design considerations for child and family friendly apartments (Stage 3)”, Research Report for Department of Environment, Water, Land & Planning and the Office for the Victorian Government Architect, 24 pages, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic.



Tucker, Johnson, Frawley, Murfitt, Andrews, Kelly (2020) “Building an accessible and inclusive Second City in Australia: A systems thinking model of engagement to underpin the sustainable inclusion of all” in Sustaining Social Inclusion, Editor(s): Crisp B, Taket A . 292-303 (13 pages). Routledge, Abingdon, Eng. [B1.1]

Gaminiesfahani, H; Lozanovska, M & Tucker, R (2020) “”A Scoping Review of the Impact on Children of the Built Environment Design Characteristics of Healing Spaces,” Health Environments Research & Design Journal [C1] [SCImago Q2]

Abass, ZI., Andrews, F., Tucker, R. (2019) “Socialising in the suburbs: relationships between neighbourhood design and social interaction in low-density housing contexts,” Journal of Urban Design, Vol 1/26, [C1-A*] [SCImago Q1] ERA2015

Andrews, F; Palmer, J: Tucker, R; Johnson, L; Warner, E; Lippi, K. (2020) “Design considerations for child and family friendly apartments (Stage 2)”, Research Report for Department of Environment, Water, Land & Planning and the Office for the Victorian Government Architect, 140 pages, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic.



Bower, B; Tucker, R & Enticott P (2019) “Impact of built environment design on emotion measured via neurophysiological correlates and subjective indicators: a systematic review,” Journal of Environmental Psychology [C1-A*] [ARWU Recommended] [SCImago Q1]

Watchcorn, V., Hitch, D., Grant, C., Tucker, R., Aedy, K., Ang, S., Frawley, P (2019) “An Integrated Literature Review of the Current Discourse around Universal Design in the Built Environment – Is Occupation the Missing Link?” Disability and Rehabilitation, Vol1/11, [ARWU Highly Recommended] [SCImago Q1] [C1]

Johnson, Tucker, Andrews, Frawley, Kelly, De Jong (2019) “From rhetoric to actuality: Researching “Access” and “Inclusion” in one Australian city” in 9th State of Australian Cities National Conference, 30 November-5 December 2019, Perth, Australia. [E1]



Andrews, F., Johnson, L., & Tucker, R. (2018) “HOMES FOR ALL – CONNECTING THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT TO HEALTH IN AUSTRALIA” AMPS, Architecture, MPS, Health: The Design, Planning and Politics of How and Where We Live, University of the West of England, 25—26 January 2018 [E1]

Valerie Watchorn, Cathryn Grant, Richard Tucker, Danielle Hitch, Patsie Frawley, Susan Ang, Kathryn Aedy, Apeksha Gohil (2018). Evaluating Universal Design in Built Environments – A Scoping Project,” Studies in Health Technology and Informatics [SCImago Q3]



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